What does infoteam have in store for me?

That was my question on my first day at infoteam a little more than half a year ago when I started as a trainee to become a qualified IT specialist for systems integration. I had broken off my studies in economic computer science and had, in theory, gained a rough idea about computers, yet in practice my skills were rather meagre.

Terms such as Apache or Tomcats caused me some consternation. The difference between a WebLogic Server and an application server were not readily apparent to me and bewildered me.

And what is actually meant by .NET? Also up to now I had had nothing to do with remote desktops, Oracle databases, servers, etc., yet I was willing to learn.

During the first few months I perpetually drilled Viktor, my trainer, with questions. The poor guy could hardly do his job. Yet he took time to very meticulously answer each and every question.

And today?

Today I have already updated several databases to the latest state of technology for our customers (reassurance for our customers: only in test environments). I have executed Tomcat installations, written my own microservice and database scripts, analysed log files and was involved in the planning of the new server room. And I am damned proud of myself. 10 months ago I would not have considered myself capable of such feats.

I not only have a good rapport with Viktor, but also with numerous other colleagues. I thoroughly relish the respectful interaction with each other. Everyone is always willing to help one another. Of course, our workplace is not a playground. We all know days with high tension, which are very hectic and sometimes can be a bit much.

However, especially on those days I always admire the savoir faire of the infoteamers among each other.  On the next occasion, on a quieter day, we sit together to openly talk about everything.  Each person determines how candid discussions become-the motto is simply: “Those who are there are exactly the right ones“.

A wise sentence.

Think about it!

I already have.

I expected nothing of this sort on my first day. To get a platform that allowed me to learn, that gave me space to be creative and that assisted me in developing myself further. Not only professionally, but also personally. I learned what it means to work together in a team with blood, sweat and tears.

Question: What does infoteam have in store for me?

Answer: Expect the unexpected!!

Nabil Boumekik

Trainee – Qualified IT Specialist for Systems Integration


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