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RUBIN consultants stand ready to help you on urgent problems over the telephone. The RUBIN QuickSupport function gives us a direct connection with your display. This allows us to see what you see and quickly understand your complex enquiry. An email with a screen shot of the RUBIN application informs us of the situation at hand to be able support you easily and quickly.

Tel: +49-(0)30-77 30 3131
Fax: +49-(0)30-77 33 004

RUBIN Service Desk

The RUBIN Service Desk allows you to create your service requests quick and easy.

If you are already registered you can login here.

Rudi Kratzmeir
Nicolas Neumann
Jochen Stauffer
Matthias Quasdorf
Florian Menzel
Florian Menzel
Sebastian Kaczmarek – Dualer Student Wirtschaftsinformatik