With these possibilities for getting information, you always have dates and facilities in sight

With RUBIN Dates and Facilities, you always have dates and facilities in sight

Maximum overview

The RUBIN Dates and Facilities module provides you all-encompassing support in operating an event business: Starting with choosing options through to invoicing. Allocate rooms, services, materials and staff to defined projects and differentiate between your own and your rental business. Thanks to workflow automation that suits your needs, you can process every order in a structured manner and you always know which tasks need your immediate attention.

From options to the contract

Events can be created as options even when they are only customer requests and can be followed till they are binding reservations. With comprehensive information retrieval functions, RUBIN ensures that you have an overview over current bookings and helps you to avoid overbooking. Use the maximum resolution of your display by means of the freely scalable calendar and get an overview of the bookings you have in realtime, either by week or by month. You can answer your customer inquiries flexibly and quickly on a day-to-day basis. From the bookings overview you can on short notice start corresponding by email or schedule a phone call by means of the follow-up function.


An Overview of the Range of Functions

  • Quickly and precisely get an overview of the booking situation
  • Freely scalable calendar
  • “Draw” room reservations into the calendar and add event information
  • Extend, shorten or move existing room reservations with drag and drop
  • Visualise event information differently (e.g.: status, usage type) in the calendar
  • Automatically check room availability
  • Search for free dates for rooms with specific characteristics
  • Allocate times, rooms and services to events
  • Avoid overbooking with inventory management
  • Ensure standard processing with workflow management
  • Quickly create all correspondence; schedule and send it directly via email
  • Copy and move events
  • Put whole events or individual room requests on waiting lists
  • Offer lump sum price packages
  • Create technical records/production plans/agendas and automatically notify when bookings change
  • Produce invoices and credit notes for events
  • Invoice prepayments and split invoices
  • Export dates to MS Outlook®
  • Analyses and statistics