These solutions optimise the logistical processes and support the supply chain all the way to the exhibitor

RUBIN Services and Logistics optimises the logistical processes and supports the supply chain all the way to the exhibitor

Optimising purchase and logistic processes

With the high performance RUBIN Services and Logistics module, you are able to design a professional order process. Through fixed procedure steps and the associated tasks, which can be defined and allocated in the workflow management, you can profit from the advantages of standard procedures. Multiple suppliers can be recorded for each service. When a service is booked, a procurement order can be directly generated to the suppliers listed on the booking. You can define the most reliable suppliers as default suppliers. Last but not least, RUBIN can perform the accounting with the greatest ease. All information flows into a shared database and into the order history, on whose basis the order process can be constantly improved.

Further support the supply chain by providing the Servicepartner MobileClient of the RUBIN Online Service Center to assemblers and fitters.

An Overview of Range of Functions

  • Booking assistant
  • Referenced service orders
  • Workflow management
  • Automatic procurement order generation
  • Invoicing
  • Procurement and sales price lists
  • Defining default suppliers
  • Order history
  • Analyses and statistics
  • Mobile application for providing services on site