With this lean CAD tool, stand space allocation is no longer the responsibility of the technical department

With RUBIN Graphics, stand space allocation is no longer the responsibility of the technical department

Precise and Flexible

When allocating stand space in halls and outdoor areas for a trade fair, precision is of the essence. Stand size, relevant safety regulations, service and special show areas as well as specific exhibitor placement wishes are all regarded amongst others. With RUBIN Graphics, the hall and stand space allocation becomes child’s play and can be handled directly by the project teams. This makes detours through the technical department unnecessary, leaving the project in full swing.

Preconfiguring the stand in advance of the graphic stand space allocation allows you to link into the drawing with one click. Additionally, relevant data can also be transferred from previous years with the greatest ease. With tried and true AutoCAD® tools, the stands can be fitted and finalised down to the last millimetre. Naturally, nothing is chiselled in stone. Drawings may be changed at any time and can subsequently be synchronised with the database…or not. This increases the flexibility when reacting to special customer wishes.

An Overview of the Range of Functions

  • Trade fair allocation based on previous year’s data
  • Integration of data from the stand registration
  • Hall, event / trade fair,  stand format, stand space allocation status, nomenclature, order status, finding the right size
  • Dummy stands
  • Creation and transmission of placement proposals to potential exhibitors
  • Definition of font sizes dependent square metres
  • Switching stands
  • Overlap checks
  • Display of prohibited and deductible areas
  • Visualisation of service orders, services, nomenclature, workflows per stand
  • Automatic calculation of the length of partitions
  • Automatic calculation of the areas of polygons
  • Joint stands
  • User-defined coordinate systems
  • Catalogue plans
  • Plot creation of stand and hall plans (also available in series)
  • Availability of stand sketches in the RUBIN Online Service Centre
  • Synchronisation with the stand registration