Create space for creative project teams with these components

Create space for creative project teams with RUBIN Trade Fairs and Exhibitions

Complex and Multi-faceted

Trade fair projects distinguish themselves by being complex and multi-faceted. Trade fair planning is thus amongst the most complicated processes a software solution can support. RUBIN Trade Fairs and Exhibitions creates a framework for day-to-day business while staying flexible, which affects the entire project structure. Therefore RUBIN creates space for creative project members without restricting them elsewhere.

Attention Drawn to Strategic and Operational Planning

RUBIN Trade Fairs and Exhibitions is a highly integrated module that supports the entire project team in strategic and operational trade fair planning. From exhibitor acquisition to stand registration and placement all the way to invoicing. The numerous requests for changes that occur over time can be implemented throughout all modules in RUBIN. The necessary data exchange with other RUBIN modules takes place automatically. Stand number, exhibitor name and dimensions are displayed in the stand space allocation and possible changes in stand dimensions are considered on the invoice.

An Overview of Range of Functions

  • Parallel editing of an unlimited number of projects
  • Takeover of previous exhibitors
  • History for each trade fair
  • Automatic calculation of m2-dependent scale prices
  • Automatic booking, for example, of free exhibitor tickets per stand
  • Invoices for service orders and services
  • Unlimited number of classifications for stand registrations
  • Nomenclature for each trade fair
  • Management of co- and sub- exhibitors
  • Definition of standard processes for trade fairs and exhibitions via workflow management
  • Correspondence schedules and quick email transmission through RUBIN
  • Selection with stand registrations
  • Sample invoices, invoices and credit notes
  • Automatic support of VAT regulations (domestic, EU, third- country)
  • Analyses and statistics
  • Support of guest ticket processes from booking to transmitting, and from redeeming to invoicing
  • Creating and editing catalogue entries (merchandise, exhibitor and brand directory)