About us

What drives us

infoteam is exemplified through its diverse educational backgrounds – we have (economic) computer scientists, mathematicians, business admin types, event professionals and sociologists. This multitude of perspectives unleashes a lot of creative power, which has been a driving force since 1986 when infoteam was founded. The founding team thought:

“A lasting impression after the event, a sense of enrichment, added value bubbles from a creative exchange of thoughts…. this all needs space!”

Software as the butler for event professionals. Software that creates space for ideas and improvisation. Software that gives a sense of security and reliability. This vision is as true today as it was in 1986 and is carried on by our Managing Director, Christoph Herlitz and Anna Edmonds throughout all technological change.

But, of course, it is not only one vision that or one person who has made us a formidable business for more than 30 years. Time and time again when we are in team sessions or workshops, praising or criticising ourselves, the driving force of infoteam manifests itself: it is the trust we have in each other and the certainty that we do our best every day.

What makes us tick

The principles and values that were written down in 2001 in the Agile Manifest, reflect our working mentality spot on. The agility of our work is not only a fashionable catchphrase, it is actually the basis of RUBIN’s software development.

Our client orientation, the human interaction, the focus on our flagship RUBIN and the reaction to any changes are all part of our work mentality at infoteam.

Kanban Boards

This is noticeable in many details, which make our relationship to our customers unique. For instance, the feedback loops from our customers are greatly appreciated. They are expressed amongst others in workshop visits, with our customers in close collaboration defined delivery cycles and user conferences. Included in this are also self-organised teams that evaluate and change their work concepts in retrospect. And last but not least, important communication happens throughout infoteam each day, whether in daily standups or the hop, skip and a jump between customer supporters and developers.

Our Tech Partnerships

Oracle Gold Partner               OEM Partner                Microsoft Silver Partner               Partner SIX Payment Service