There are many reasons why you might want to invite or honour the jubilarians amongst your exhibitors. Maybe you want to honour all exhibitors who participate for the 10th, 20th or even 30th time in your fair? Or you are celebrating the anniversary of your event and would like to thank those exhibitors who have been especially loyal during all the years? If your answer is “yes” to one of these questions, another one will immediately come up; “Who are the jubilarians of my event?” It seems all evident to start looking through the digital registrations, to select and export data in order to find the answer to that last question. But you are quite likely to reach certain limits: Do you know the customers who changed their companies’ names in the previous years? And where do you find the information, if a customer used to participate as an exhibitor even before you were using RUBIN?

RUBIN Consultant Armin Güse is quite experienced regarding this issue: „The RUBIN function Participation counter provides you with the required information in no time. The anniversary list, which comes with the function, shows you the number of participations of each exhibitor as well as it shows those exhibitors who reach a certain milestone anniversary. Address changes, new company names and mergers are taken into account. I am pleased to share my experience with you – please email me your questions!”

When a customer plans an event, enquiry is often already made well in advance. The customer ultimately wants to ensure the date desired at the location desired and thereby still have time to compare different offers. In order to plan the budgets and to have the comparison of the various suppliers to be as complete as possible, all services should be tabulated already in the first offer. And all this at a point in time when generally only the parameters of the event are known and the details will still be changed often. As a consequence such an offer is not only many pages long, but until the event actually takes place, can quickly have four, five or more revisions. And what happens then? The question frequently arises: “What has actually changed?”

Your RUBIN consultant, Jochen Stauffer, has often been confronted with this challenge: “Have you ever experienced having to manually compare several offers, in order to filter out the changes since the last offer was prepared? Then you will most certainly find this new function RUBIN Dates and Facilities Offer with history interesting. I’d be very happy to tell you about this – feel free to contact me by e-mail!”

In conjunction with the stand space allocation of a trade fair situations always arise in which the area booked by the exhibitor is separated into several blocks, e.g. the stand has aisles. From a business perspective in these cases, only the actual stand area is to be considered and the aisles are to be deducted. If one addresses this fact in which the aisles are declared deductible areas, this not only requires relatively extensive preparation effort but also a drawing, in which the stands super-impose the aisles and negatively affect the appearance of the hall. Moreover, a maximum of two stand numbers can be issued, leading to further complications

Your RUBIN consultant, Rudi Kratzmeir, is well aware of this challenge from his daily work: “RUBIN Graphics has a ‘Partial Areas’ function that can split the area recorded for a stand registration into several partial areas. I would be more than glad to tell you about my experiences – feel free to contact me !”

Often, the sale of stand area is connected with giving the exhibitor a feeling of how his stand will be placed at the event. The question by the exhibitor “Where could my stand be?” includes the request of being sent a floor plan by email, which displays the potential future location of the stand. And the entire process should be delivered visually appealing and quickly as the client shouldn’t have to wait. At the same time it must be made perfectly clear that this area is just temporarily reserved, but that it can be quickly allocated in case of success.

RUBIN Graphics with its function Placement Proposal enables the sending of your proposal in as little steps as possible, where before the complicated procedure was riddled with individual steps, is excluded. Your RUBIN Consultant Armin Güse knows this predicament all to well from his daily routine. “You want to know more about sending placement proposals through RUBIN? I will be very pleased to relate my experience and to answer your questions, if you contact me by e-mail.

You may well know this very thought: “Once I open the address of one of my customers, I would like to see all important information at a glance. The contact history, current orders, the development of the customer – simply everything … 360°. And by the way, please make it appear clear and simple.” But how should the conflict of requirements “seeing everything” and “clear and simple appearance” be solved at the same time?

Your RUBIN Consultant Jochen Stauffer knows this requirement very well from his daily work. “With the new function Address Cockpit RUBIN provides a dashboard that allows the user to see analyses and activities of the customer at a glance.  Contact me, if you would like to get to know more!”

When an exhibitor is planning on participating in a trade fair, questions immediately arise as to the costs. Although the space rent can usually be calculated early on from the registration form or from online registration, services offered and their costs are often only available for viewing considerably later. Moreover, the exhibitor would like to compare the services offered by different companies and would perhaps not like to wait until the respective shop is available online or until the service manuals have been sent.

Your RUBIN consultant, Rudi Kratzmeir, is very familiar with this challenge with which he is confronted every day: “The RUBIN Online Service Centre Research Shop enables the exhibitor completely without access data to research services offered and put together a wish list for later use. I would be very pleased to relate my experience and to answer all of your questions. Feel free to contact me!”

In the events business it is necessary to be able to prepare timely offers for agencies and organisers. As appropriate, the offer is finalised to have all relevant booking data readily available when the contract is concluded. Yet many events do not proceed beyond the offer phase. The booking data of the acquired events are then no longer needed. It happens quite frequently that the customer reconsiders and nevertheless would like to stage the event. Yet then the data of the original offer are already gone. It would be nice not to lose such offer data.

Your RUBIN consultant, Jochen Stauffer, is well aware of this need from his everyday work: “The ‘File’ function was realised in RUBIN to address this issue – as a result booked rooms and space can be made available for new inquiries. Yet in contrast to ‘Cancellation’, no cancellation fees are assessed. I would be very happy to tell you more about this!

At trade fair grounds own events and guest events are in competition, as are guest events   amongst each other, for scarce hall space resources. It is the goal   to have the utilisation as high  as possible to garner the highest possible rental income. Yet the logistical concerns of as-sembling and dismantling usually do not allow for a smooth transition from one event to the next. This has led project managers and guest organisers to try to agree on a great variety of usages. It is not unusual to resort to Excel sheets to display potential hall space allocation. Although these sheets offer a quick overview, they call for the very time-consuming maintenance of data.

Your RUBIN consultant, Jochen Stauffer, knows: „There is a better way!“

“Just imagine how many different occupancy scenarios are and how much preplanning  is embedded in the brainpower of RUBIN, which can be very quickly and simply transferred to the master plan whenever it suits your fancy. Sounds great? RUBIN Dates and Facilities Site Planning makes this possible. This function uses the layer principle, known from AutoCAD, of the RUBIN occupancy overview, whereby the overlapping bookings of various events can quickly be identified. Contact me to find out more about it!

Are you aware that alone in the environment of RUBIN stand registrations there are more than seven different possibilities to change the list price to another price? There are at least as many reasons as there are variants, as to why in individual cases are offered for services.  Altogether it is almost impossible to trace how and why an exhibitor received a discount. If such cases frequently recur, it behooves to scrutinise list price deviations, to ensure a consistent price structure in the long term.

For this, RUBIN consultant, Alexandra Zureich, would like to reveal a trick of the trade to you: “Keeping an eye on discounts that have been granted is indeed a challenge. If you would like to find out how to analyse pricing in comparison to stand duration in stand registrations and how to graphically display the result, you are welcome to on the topic of ‘pricing stability’. I am looking forward to hearing from you!”

Comprehensive congress programmes already demand quite a bit from participants while registering. For example, the simultaneous booking of programme items may obstruct a smooth registration process. Moreover illogical booking configurations do not only entail many follow-up questions and rebookings. The automatic approval of programme items, which would expand the offer of the booking by a certain item, would also make registering simpler and more comfortable.

Our RUBIN consultant, Rudi Kratzmeir, is well aware of the desire to support participants during the registration process: “A” does not necessarily lead to “B”, but could lead to “C”, if “D” has not already transpired. If many questions arise after participants have registered, even a very interesting congress programme could be degraded . I have installed the optional RUBIN function of the RUBIN „Plausibility check“ for several RUBIN customers in the RUBIN Online Service Center shop. Would you like to learn more? I would be more than glad to share my experiences with you!”