International Trade Fair Seminar (IDFA) 2021

The International Trade Fair Seminar is especially designed for trade fair organisers as well as businesses close to trade fairs and takes place once a year in the summertime. This is organised by the Syndicate of German Trade Fairs and Exhibition Cities (IDFA), the trade fair association, Expo-Event.Live Communication Verband Schweiz, in Switzerland as well as the Committee for Trade Fairs Austria.

In response to the ongoing pandemic COVID-19, the International Trade Fair Seminar that was due to take place in Dornbirn from the 21th to the 23th of Juni 2020, has been postponed to 2021. We will be there when the movers and the shakers of the trade fair and event industry meet in Dornbirn, Austria, in spring 2021 and discuss the future of our sector.

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