In conjunction with the general assembly, infoteam will also be attending the Management Professional Convention that is organised once a year by the European Association of Event Centres. The exchange of experiences and networking is the main purpose of the event.

The last Management Professional Convention took place 2023 at the Olympiapark in Munic, Germany. We are already looking forward to participating from September 23th to 24th, 2024, in Rostock, Germany! 

Anybody wanting to stay in touch with current events in the trade fair scene cannot get around the event format of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI). 2024’s edition of the UFI European Conference took place in Zurich, Switzerland from the 11th to the 13th of June 2024 and gave us the oppurtunity to gain plenty of insights and inspiration about the future development in our industry. We are already looking forward to participating at next edition of the UFI European Conference from the from the 2nd to the 4th of June 2024 at the Thessaloniki International Fair TIF, Greece.

infoteam met on Saturday, 16 January 2016, for its annual meeting (JAM session = JahresAnfangsMeeting). Already for the second time this annual meeting with open space character was held outside the company’s premises at the VKU Forum near the Berlin Hauptbahnhof (main train station). “This is very good for our working atmosphere”, stated one of our developers, Verena Richter. The equation is very simple: other impressions = other associations. These associations can spark new ideas during the workshop and evolve new perspectives for solving problems.

Keeping in the tradition of RUBIN User Conferences, the issues for the workshops are brought on the agenda by our staff themselves. Besides the open space workshops and the opportunity to openly speak out on matters that are dear to one‘s heart, this is a great time to speak with colleagues outside of the daily humdrum at work… either during breaks or while reminiscing about the year gone by. Such retrospectives are part and parcel of the work modus of software developers at infoteam.

Besides the technical topics dealing directly with RUBIN, in these JAM sessions good ideas are also batted around on how to enhance the good feelings. It is quite common that plans are dreamed up for the coming year – whether a barbeque in the summer or an after-work movie in the big conference room… with popcorn, of course.

Before the entire infoteam crew took off for the Düppeler Forst (forest) at Christmas time for a hike, wonderful gingerbread was served in the shape of small RUBIN modules.

This nutritious gingerbread was welcome sustenance to get the hikers through 12 kilometres. After this arduous 3 ½-hour tour, the crew settled into a restaurant to enjoy some wonderful Christmas cheer and fare.

Getting away from their computers and software and heading for the piano. That is the meaning of the project “Switching Keyboards”.

Once a week, all employees of the company  – who want to – get half an hour of paid free time for individual piano lessons by state certified music teacher, Stephan Kratzert – sponsored by infoteam. Piano lessons as preventive healthcare in a company – this all-round and unique approach combines the aspects of motivation, psyche and body.

Matthias Müller, the other Managing Director of infoteam went on to explain: “By switching keyboards we try to prevent burnout, which is a common problem nowadays. We use having fun with music to thwart stress overload. So during working hours some of our team members can fulfil their dream of playing the piano.”

Simple pieces of music can be quickly learned and tried out on the piano. This can have a positive effect on the creative potential of the employees of a company. Back and wrist problems for white-collar jobs frequently occur through the wrong posture of back and arms when using a computer keyboard. Playing the piano brings self-awareness to the body and therefore preempts bad posture. For two-handed playing at least one hand must play automatically, this means that one hand must learn to play without cognitive-visual control. This leads to a more profound sense of relaxation. (Please refer to for more information)

Music teacher Stephan Kratzert elaborated: “These lessons take place on a muted piano with both teacher and student wearing open headphones to be able to speak with each other. And nobody in the company is disturbed by loud piano playing.”

The agile reflections conducted at infoteam are also done for switching keyboards. So far all participants are of the same opinion: the project will be continued with enthusiasm.

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