The International Summer University for Trade Fair Management (ISU) provides an interactive educational platform for the exchange of strategic and operational knowledge.

Thank you very much for great conversations and three exciting days at the last conference in Cologne. In response to the ongoing pandemic COVID-19, the ISU that was due to take place in June 2020 has been cancelled. We are already looking forward to participating in 2021!

That was my question on my first day at infoteam a little more than half a year ago when I started as a trainee to become a qualified IT specialist for systems integration. I had broken off my studies in economic computer science and had, in theory, gained a rough idea about computers, yet in practice my skills were rather meagre.

Terms such as Apache or Tomcats caused me some consternation. The difference between a WebLogic Server and an application server were not readily apparent to me and bewildered me.

And what is actually meant by .NET? Also up to now I had had nothing to do with remote desktops, Oracle databases, servers, etc., yet I was willing to learn.

During the first few months I perpetually drilled Viktor, my trainer, with questions. The poor guy could hardly do his job. Yet he took time to very meticulously answer each and every question.

And today?

Today I have already updated several databases to the latest state of technology for our customers (reassurance for our customers: only in test environments). I have executed Tomcat installations, written my own microservice and database scripts, analysed log files and was involved in the planning of the new server room. And I am damned proud of myself. 10 months ago I would not have considered myself capable of such feats.

I not only have a good rapport with Viktor, but also with numerous other colleagues. I thoroughly relish the respectful interaction with each other. Everyone is always willing to help one another. Of course, our workplace is not a playground. We all know days with high tension, which are very hectic and sometimes can be a bit much.

However, especially on those days I always admire the savoir faire of the infoteamers among each other.  On the next occasion, on a quieter day, we sit together to openly talk about everything.  Each person determines how candid discussions become-the motto is simply: “Those who are there are exactly the right ones“.

A wise sentence.

Think about it!

I already have.

I expected nothing of this sort on my first day. To get a platform that allowed me to learn, that gave me space to be creative and that assisted me in developing myself further. Not only professionally, but also personally. I learned what it means to work together in a team with blood, sweat and tears.

Question: What does infoteam have in store for me?

Answer: Expect the unexpected!!

Nabil Boumekik

Trainee – Qualified IT Specialist for Systems Integration


From 5 to 7 September 2017 the 25th RUBIN User Conference took place, a summit meeting at 1,800 metres above sea level. The venue was in Pontresina in the Swiss canton of Graubünden. 86 participants met in this impressive alpine scenery for vivacious professional interaction on RUBIN software.

Hiking tour to the zum Morteratsch Glacier


Together with the Convention and Event Centre Pontresina, infoteam GmbH Berlin organised a profession programme with many cultural and athletic distractions as an aside.  Already the panorama of the highest-altitude convention centre in Europe was very special for the participants. In between we had a short introduction to the Rhaeto-Romance language, which next to German and Italian is the third official language of Canton Graubünden. Whoever wanted to raise their pulse rate, took a glacier hike.

from left to right: Matthias Müller, Managing Director, infoteam GmbH Berlin, Jan Steiner, Managing Director, Pontresina Tourismus, Martin Oester, Manager Marketing & Sales, Kongress- und Kulturzentrum Pontresina, Christoph Herlitz, Managing Director, infoteam GmbH Berlin


In 21 workshops the participants interacted and discussed the uses and potential of the RUBIN software. As usual, the various topics were brought forward by the users in an open forum. In the end, the respective initiators presented their conclusions. The topics spanned from general points to very specific questions or requirements of individual trade fair and event companies. At the RUBIN News session held every year, RUBIN consultants elaborated on new features and the further development of RUBIN software implemented since the last user conference.

In the final round at the light art campfire all participants – users as well as infoteam employees – were in agreement: the encounter was once again characterised by a pleasant openness and was highly enriching, not only professionally. The 25th RUBIN User Conference will surely be remembered for quite some time. Naturally, the grandiose venue primarily contributed to this. Even the Swiss participants enjoyed the trip to their mountainous neighbourhood. In a nutshell: “It was simply Swiss!”

And since after the user conference, is before the user conference, we would like to take the opportunity here to reveal where we are getting together in September 2018. RUBIN users will be please to know that that is Magdeburg, the capital of the German federal state of Saxony-Anhalt. Messe- und Veranstaltungsgesellschaft (trade fair and event company) Magdeburg GmbH will be playing host.

infoteam GmbH Berlin
Königsberger Straße 14
12207 Berlin

“The gardener asked me to tell you that the blackberries are ready to be harvested“. I received this message on vacation. It relates to the blackberries in the backyard of the mansion in which infoteam is accommodated. There are a number of blackberry bushes. Last year we had blackberry jam and blackberry cake.

The first crop: a bowlful of fruit

Which delicious dish could I change them into this year?