Easter Bunnies in January?

That is like a chocolate Santa Claus in October. Nobody is really in a celebratory mood yet. Even in November we are not really in the Christmas spirit and thoughts of fir trees, cinnamon cookies and roast goose are still in the distant future.
That is how curious we felt at first when infoteam met three weeks before the first Sunday of Advent and together shot videos for the Advent Campaign 2016. We had Christmas music playing at our entrance as a season‘s greeting. With her good sense for decoration, our good fairy and housekeeper, Lucy, created a pleasant atmosphere with chains of lights, small Santas and Christmas floral arrangements.


The kitchen, next to the fireplace room (usually the location for discussions and stand-ups), was also thought as the film location for the videos. By enchantment it turned into the “infoteam biscuit bakery”, with the aroma of spices and orange peels filling the air; where children diligently rolled out the dough to then apply the biscuit cutters to make Christmas figures.
Time just flew by and the videos got quickly “into the box”. The edit job afterwards was great fun for all of us . We did not cut a lot away, because we did not want any sterile clips, but rather real snapshots! We believe that that has succeeded and would be very happy if our customers enjoyed the videos as much as we.


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