infoteam meets for its JAM session

infoteam met on Saturday, 16 January 2016, for its annual meeting (JAM session = JahresAnfangsMeeting). Already for the second time this annual meeting with open space character was held outside the company’s premises at the VKU Forum near the Berlin Hauptbahnhof (main train station). “This is very good for our working atmosphere”, stated one of our developers, Verena Richter. The equation is very simple: other impressions = other associations. These associations can spark new ideas during the workshop and evolve new perspectives for solving problems.

Keeping in the tradition of RUBIN User Conferences, the issues for the workshops are brought on the agenda by our staff themselves. Besides the open space workshops and the opportunity to openly speak out on matters that are dear to one‘s heart, this is a great time to speak with colleagues outside of the daily humdrum at work… either during breaks or while reminiscing about the year gone by. Such retrospectives are part and parcel of the work modus of software developers at infoteam.

Besides the technical topics dealing directly with RUBIN, in these JAM sessions good ideas are also batted around on how to enhance the good feelings. It is quite common that plans are dreamed up for the coming year – whether a barbeque in the summer or an after-work movie in the big conference room… with popcorn, of course.

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