Open Space – Innovation made by infoteam

Friedrichshafen, Germany. After 23 successful RUBIN User Conferences, an internal User Conference was held for the first time on the 2nd of December 2015. Around 40 RUBIN users and non-users met during the morning hours in the conference centre at the Messe Friedrichshafen for an all-day open space conference. After a short welcome by procurator Stefan Mittag, IT Head Sven Rostin and infoteam facilitators Christoph Herlitz, Mona Thissen and Rudi Kratzmeir, the open space conference was opened.

Open space is a type of workshop for large groups and is suitable for businesses that want to optimise their internal and client-related processes by pooling the knowledge of all participants. The basic idea is to intrinsically improve the work environment and to create a basis for cooperation. The open space methodology starts with the values of a company that are oriented to the future. “Open space brings change to life”, summarised Christopher Herlitz, Managing Director of infoteam.

In the 16 workshops that the participants organised themselves, questions on the application and requirements of RUBIN were discussed, experiences were related and problems were solved. The results of the workshops were compiled in résumés during the breaks and supplemented by infoteam in subsequent group discussions. This resulted in transferring the knowledge gained to all participants, transcending projects and departments. “It’s an all-round approach that our colleagues in Berlin are pursuing”, said IT Head Sven Rostin “they advise, support and facilitate, thereby contributing to the development of our organisation. The intensive communication between the staff members of the trade fair clearly reflected this.”

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