Switching Keyboards

Getting away from their computers and software and heading for the piano. That is the meaning of the project “Switching Keyboards”.

Once a week, all employees of the company  – who want to – get half an hour of paid free time for individual piano lessons by state certified music teacher, Stephan Kratzert – sponsored by infoteam. Piano lessons as preventive healthcare in a company – this all-round and unique approach combines the aspects of motivation, psyche and body.

Matthias Müller, the other Managing Director of infoteam went on to explain: “By switching keyboards we try to prevent burnout, which is a common problem nowadays. We use having fun with music to thwart stress overload. So during working hours some of our team members can fulfil their dream of playing the piano.”

Simple pieces of music can be quickly learned and tried out on the piano. This can have a positive effect on the creative potential of the employees of a company. Back and wrist problems for white-collar jobs frequently occur through the wrong posture of back and arms when using a computer keyboard. Playing the piano brings self-awareness to the body and therefore preempts bad posture. For two-handed playing at least one hand must play automatically, this means that one hand must learn to play without cognitive-visual control. This leads to a more profound sense of relaxation. (Please refer to www.stephan-kratzert.de for more information)

Music teacher Stephan Kratzert elaborated: “These lessons take place on a muted piano with both teacher and student wearing open headphones to be able to speak with each other. And nobody in the company is disturbed by loud piano playing.”

The agile reflections conducted at infoteam are also done for switching keyboards. So far all participants are of the same opinion: the project will be continued with enthusiasm.

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