MobileClient for Service Partner

From the lighting over the electrical connections and the flooring all the way to the trash disposal, a trade fair sinks or swims with the suppliers that turn the stands into attractive and functional places for visitors and exhibitors alike. According to the “6R” rule, all have to have the right services, at the right place, in the right quantity, in the right quality, at the right price for the right customer. Service partners are thereby a core link in the value chain of a trade fair.

The RUBIN Online Service Centre Service Partner MobileClient is solely designed for this core group. With a tablet application that can be intuitively used, assemblers and fitters can work directly with RUBIN on site. The process begins in the “stationary” RUBIN and transforms into a mobile solution exactly when quick access to data and information is needed.

Additional services that the exhibitor has booked for the respective trade fair stand are – as usual– ordered through RUBIN. With RUBIN information can be accessed through the respective service partner’s app. That means that the assemblers and fitters can now access information with a tablet directly at the trade fair stand. Communication between the assemblers on site and trade fair organisers is quick and easy, whereby any changes to orders or equipment for a stand can be made with a signature on the tablet as confirmation. Processes can thereby be accelerated; and time-consuming and costly modifications can be avoided.

With the expansion of the RUBIN Online Service Centre and the corresponding hardware (tablets), all service providers can then be directed with one integrated IT solution. The Service Partner MobileClient is now available to all of our present customers.

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