„There’s a better way!“ – RUBIN KickOff Event at the Messe Congress in Graz, Austria

Graz. On the occasion of implementing RUBIN at the Messe Congress Graz (MCG) all of the project participants met on 24 May 2016 for an all-day kickoff event in Graz to jointly organise replacing the present system with RUBIN. With a rather atypical approach for this industry, the scene was set for MCG and infoteam GmbH Berlin to successfully work together.

When implementing software that is critical for the business, special challenges and risks arise: intensive migration work, limited resources as well as unrealistic timelines may affect the core processes. This is often compounded by staff resistance resulting from their bad experiences with IT projects in the past.

infoteam is an IT service provider well aware of these hurdles with 30 years of industry experience at its beck and call and has a great repertoire of methods that ensures project management that is customised to the customer. The modern presence workshop has proven itself by involving the participants from as many different departments as possible in the management, applications and software development in this project. “This ‘magic triangle‘ often harbours the actual stressors and stumbling blocks“, stated infoteam’s Managing Director, Christoph Herlitz.

This was exactly the purpose of the kickoff workshop, to learn from them: why have IT projects failed in the past or did frustration outweigh motivation? How can stress be avoided and motivation enhanced? The answers to such questions from all participants were reflected upon and recorded to become the rules for working together. “This generates benefits from bad experiences”, according to Mona Thissen of infoteam.

infoteam not only treats system implementations as IT projects, but also as communication and organisation projects. This is mirrored in the approach that infoteam customers appreciate. This approach was also successful in Graz, as corroborated by Martin Ullrich, Head of Finance & Personnel at MCG: “With this special method infoteam has once again confirmed its professionalism and has demonstrated: There’s a better way! We are very much looking forward to working with infoteam in the future.”

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